What is Hung Gar?
Hung Gar, also know as Hung Kuen or Hung Gar Kuen is one of the most famous and respected systems of Chinese Martial Arts to emerge out of southern China with roots dating back to the 17th century, Shaolin Temple. It is a complete system of Kung Fu known for its powerful no-nonsense martial techniques, self-defence and tremendous benefits.

Who is Lam Family?
Lam Family is one of the most  respected and well know gung fu families in the world. Known through out the globe not just for their impeccable martial and medical skills but for their endless efforts to openly teach, promote and uphold the true spirit of Hung Gar gung fu. The Hung Gar system has been an integral part of the Lam Family for the last 3 generations.

Can anyone learn Hung Gar?
Yes. Anyone and everyone can learn Hung Gar. Kung fu training is suitable and has something to offer everyone, regardless of age, gender, religion or race.

Do I have to be fit or strong to start training?
No. You are welcome to join whatever your fitness level. We are here to help you get fit, strong and healthy.

I have never done kung fu or any other martial arts before, is this a problem?
No. We welcome people of all levels and backgrounds.

Am I too old/young to start?
No. Age is not an issue. All ages are welcome.

What do I need to wear for training/classes?
Wear comfortable loose clothing such as a T-shirt, tracksuit bottoms and comfortable footwear (preferably flat soled).

Can I start anytime?
Yes. New students are always welcome to our school. We have a number of different classes for the beginning students, at different times through the week.

What is the membership / class fees?
These can be found here.

How quickly will I progress?
With our years of teaching experience, proven methods of teaching and your commitment to regular training, you will progress quickly.

Is Kung Fu training safe. Will I get hurt during training?
The training is safe. All classes are closely supervised, and all techniques exercised with control.

Are the Instructors qualified?
Yes.  We have over 30 years of experience in martial arts, fully qualified, insured and CRB checked.